Royal Capital Limited is a research based broking firm with a client base of 80000 and above. For achieving the future prospect and providing the research based product to the client, Royal Capital Limited (RCL) introduce an innovative and research oriented wing named Research and Innovation Lab (RIL). The major areas of activities of RIL consists of Research, Business Analytics and Training, Workshops & Conferences.



Data Never Sleeps, So does our Research Team. A continuous 24/7 run for innovation in products, services, and processes allow us to make you every-happier. Truly, this is the only of its kind in the industry!

Based on our own and reliable data and information sources, we not only deliver standard research reports to our clients but also always work hard to bring new dimensions in categories and depth of research. And that’s why we have a special creative research team full of innovation.


There are 5 Fundamental Guiding principles of a Research –

    1. RIL is purely independent, free from any intervention from anyone from Royal Capital Limited and so does its research deliveries.

    2. No compromise with Ethics and therefore we stand on the highest ethical standard in disseminating data and information.

    3. RIL is biased! Yes, we are biased to Neutrality. No data, information or opinion expressed by RIL carries prior intention to artificially influence anyone’s business or interest.

    4. First hand compliance with SEC and Exchange Rules is a top priority.

    5. Not merely Research, RIL delivers Innovation driven Research that contributes to everyone’s financial goal.

  • Business analytics refers to the skills, intelligence, operational audit, balance scorecard and benchmarking for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning.
  • Business analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods.

The TARA Approach: Making You a STAR

Timeliness: We deliver our services timely so that you can clearly ahead of making decision.
Accuracy: Accuracy in preparing reports & providing services is a top priority for us.
Reliability: We research in the most reliable & relevant manner.
Adequacy: You can find the best adequacy in our investment research & services.
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  • Whenever a stock brokerage feels a stock is undervalued and clients could benefit by buying that particular stock, the reasons for buying the stock are put together in a research report.
  • Research report consists the economic condition, industry overview, securities price position, company analysis & market analysis.

  • RIL arranges training and workshop for RCL employees, and for outside clients commercially.
  • RIL organizes national and international seminar/conferences as event intermediary.